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Hit Me With Music Hey I'm Alex(dude version), this isn't a specific blog for anything, merely stuff that I'm interested in or think is funny. Stuff you'll see includes, RHCP, Led Zeppelin, Parks and Recreation, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, all genres of music (R&B, rockabilly, hip-hop, jazz, mashups) stuff from my other tumblr (rhymeswithalex), a few pictures that I've taken and a decent amount of funny crap.

Seven Nation Army (White Stripes cover)
CW Stoneking
Triple J's Like A Version Four

awesome cover

CW Stoneking - Seven Nation Army

also, i need to go to New Orleans

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    CW Stoneking - Seven Nation Army [whitestripescover]
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    i’m going to throw up this is so good.
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    CW Stoneking - Seven Nation Army
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    oh my god
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    CW stone king is the biggest head fuck. I saw him a bluesfest, he’s like an early thirties white guy with a bow tie.
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    YES!!!! I heard this once in a garage rock podcast(and they said that The White Stripes were not any good and that this...
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    I wonder what Jack would think about this? Something tells me he would think it’s pretty awesome.
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    Seven Nation Army | CW Stoneking
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